“Boom Shahr” company was stablished in 1987 in Tehran, Iran.

  The purpose of establishment was to provide a rang of construction and installation services by mean of skilled and expert managers engineers and technicians.

   Collaboration with main administrations and companies has led us to become a well-known, reliable and successful organization which has been applying modern technologic and latest technologies to raise the quality of performances in every single projects throughout the country.


  For the time being, The company holds :

“ Grade  1 “  in Building

“ Grade  2 “ in Installations and Equipments

“ Grade  5 “ in Water and Hydraulics

“ Grade  5 “ in Oil and Gas


   Under the latest ranking of president deputy strategic planning and control. Besides, the company has achieved the “ Grade  1 “ in mass residential development from the association of Tehran mass developers. A logical and effectual contribution between managers and crew has always been the most prominent policy of the board. Over the 30 years of activity in different areas of constructions, the company has reached for many official certifications and promotions as it yet has been developing its professional territory out of boundaries.


Address : Unit 2, No. 8, martyr Firouz Dehghan st., after Zartosht intersection, north Felestin Ave.,Tehran
Tel. : 021-88974853
Fax : 021-88967251
Postal Code : 1415733553
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